Combining traditional techniques and modern-day technologies, Pandriks has developed a unique process to produce 100% natural sourdough bread on an industrial scale, allowing large retailers to sell artisan bread.

Pandriks is a leading player in the European organic bake-off bread segment, established in 2012 as an industrial scale up from their facilities in Meppel, the Netherlands, and Fulda in Germany. The company has developed a highly efficient production technology combined with a unique baking concept that delivers deep frozen ‘stone oven’ bread. This artisan bread produced on an industrial scale allows large retailers to compete with traditional bakers in terms of quality and price.

Following the successful completion of Pandriks' first major expansion in Meppel, Rinkelberg is dedicated to supporting the company in realising its goal to become the market leader in Europe.

‘’Our concept was developed from the idea that bread should be just as tasty as it used to be.’’
- CEO Peter van den Berg