With the ambition to accelerate the European energy transition, econic offers a full-service subscription allowing customers to access sustainable energy system for every home in the Netherlands and across Europe.

Initiated by serial entrepreneur Joris Jonker as a greenfield operation in 2017, econic has been at the roots of the energy transition in the Netherlands. Focusing both on newly built projects as well as existing residential housing, econic provides a unique subscription-based service allowing customers to enjoy sustainable heating without significant upfront investments. Doing so, the company materially contributes to the Dutch ambitions to disconnect all residential homes from the gas grid by 2050 latest. Having developed its model successfully in the Netherlands, the company has made several acquisitions and is now rolling out its concept, for starters in Germany. Rinkelberg joined ship very early and has supported the company enabling it to now accelerate its growth internationally.

As an energy entrepreneur and inventor of the smart thermostat Toon, Joris Jonker knew that acceleration would not come from the energy sector. With a passion and conviction to accelerate the energy transition, he went in search of a new solution - Econic.