Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate is an Amsterdam based eyewear brand, offering thoughtfully designed frames at transparent prices. They are committed to creating a more planet-friendly product and to becoming an engine for positive change within the industry.

Founded in 2013 by Mark de Lange, Ace & Tate strives to challenge current perceptions of the eyewear industry. Being a direct-to-consumer omnichannel eyewear brand, Ace & Tate sells directly to their customers both online and via their 70 shops spread across Europe. By controlling every step of the design and manufacturing process, thus cutting out the middlemen, the company is able to deliver a high-quality product at a competitive price. Ace & Tate places sustainability and customer experience first and foremost, which is reflected in their loyal customer base with a high degree of interaction both on and offline.

Rinkelberg has supported Ace & Tate since 2015, both participating in and leading multiple rounds of funding.

After working at various investment companies, Mark de Lange entered entrepreneurship in 2012. After a trip to New York, Mark got inspired and thought that eyewear shouldn’t be more expensive and harder to get than a pair of sneakers.

‘’Ace & Tate is built on the core belief that eyewear is not just a medical necessity, but also a great accessory’’
- Mark de Lange, Founder

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